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Silane Coatings & Inks Market Solutions


Silane Coatings & Inks Market Solutions

admin 2023-09-11

LANYACHEM masters the necessary technologies to cover the essential needs of paint and inks manufacturers. LANYACHEM offers resins for high temperature resistance, additives to control wetting, levelling, slip and mar as well as foam. LANYACHEM brand silanes help to achieve better adhesion, but also crosslinks organics and inorganics to create better mechanical properties.

Silicone-based technologies bring a wide tool box of solutions to the coating and inks by providing unique benefits:
High Temperature Resistance
Corrosion Protection
Substrate Wetting
Levelling Flow
Low Coefficient of Friction, slip
Antiblocking, release
Foam control, Air Release
Water repellency

Silane technology brings a wide tool box of solutions to the coating and inks by providing unique benefits:
Substrate adhesion
Polymer modification (crosslinker to improve mechanical performances)
Filler treatment (compatibility into polymer, reinforcing, water-repellency)
Anti corrosion aids

LANYACHEM is actively serving all the segments of the Coatings and Inks market:
Industrial paints
Decorative paints
Printing inks
Polymers & Polymer dispersion producers
Filler – Pigment treatment

Coatings and Inks solutions provided by LANYACHEM:
Silicone Resins & Oligomers
Silicone Oils and Emulsions
Silicone Polyether
Functional Silicones
Silicone Antifoam

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