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Lanya Chemical was established on 2007. As the reputed chemical supplier, the company is always focusing on providing chemicals with high performance, coordinating with the customers to improve the technology and production process, working with the customers to optimize their purchase and products. “LANYACHEM” series products are mainly used in petrochemical industries, paints and coatings, engineering plastics, PVC stabilizer, Masterbatch industries, pharmaceutical industries, sealants and adhesives, stone and panel materials, etc.

The company has two manufacturing sites, which located in Yingcheng, Hubei and Quzhou, Zhejiang, the total production capacity is around 20,000 tons per year. The company has passed ISO9001 certifying in 2009, the products has been registered under REACH regulations in Europe, you are welcome to take the audit at any time.

In order to provide better technical support and distribution services to the customers, shorten the delivery time and reduce the cost of purchase for the customer, the company started its Indian Agent in Gurgaon with warehouse in Mumbai, India and Europe Agent in Düsseldorf, Germany with warehouse in Rotterdam, the Nertherlands. The company has its sales networks through local partners and agents in other countries and areas. The Company’s principle is “High Quality, Sincere Service, and Continue to Improve, Pursue Excellence”. All the staffs in LANYA sincerely wish to have opportunity to cooperate with you and your company in the near future.


Professional chemical manufacturer

Best In Industry

We have 15 years of chemical production history, advanced production technology and equipment.

Customized production

According to your needs, customized production, from kilograms to tens of thousands of tons!

Professional Staff

We have experienced experts in each chemical field, and we can be on call at any time.

Good reputation

Rely on strong production capacity to ensure timely production and delivery of products.


Historical Process



“High Quality, Sincere Service, Continue to Improve, Pursue Excellence” are the core principle of Lanya Team.

Sales Team

Lanya Chem has a young and energetic sales team, widely service for the local enterprises. Sales team member has good professional background on fine chemicals and new industry, strictly trained on the technology, is a trust-based technical sales team. Sales team works closely with the customer, engaged in providing high value added products and service for the customer, creating value for the customer and making continuous development with the customer.

Production Team

Lanya Chem does not only have advanced technology group and experienced production management, but also can guarantee the products are released after strict quality control before arriving at the customer. Now Lanya Chem has skilled production staff and experienced on-site management, to ensure the products supplied to our customer are on the top grade.

R&D Team

Based on the advantages of our R&D Centre, in order to guarantee the stability of the product quality and continues developing new products conforming to the changes in the global market, Lanya Chem is always concentrating on the investment of the R&D. Our R&D team continuously follow up the production process and quality, continuously provide their suggestions on the improvement and engaged in developing new products to create more value for the customers.

Application and marketing team

Lanya Chem’s team is always ready to communicate with the customers deeply, understand the currently exist issues or demand of the customer, so that they can share the perfect technology solutions. Cooperating with the sales team to investigate the customer’s requirement, optimize the technology process of the usage, and expand the application field of the product, in order to create more added values for the customer.

Logistic and Purchase Team

Lanya Chem has its reliable partners for transporting and shipping by Road, Railway, Sea, Air. On-time supply is the key services from us, even on very tough situations. The Purchase team is always using their professional ways to help Lanya Chem to reduce the purchase cost from the raw materials, to ensure the offer is on the very competitive level in the market.



The chemical industry and environmental protection are closely related. The development of new chemical technologies and achievements are conducive to the healthy development of environmental protection. Lanya Chemical is always trying to devoting the core relationships between them. From Orders to deliveries, every step is much important to the sustainability.

With social responsibility and sustainability in every operation, we have our Warehouse & have immense technical support from our production base and R&D Centre in China and India.

The Quality of LANYACHEM's series of products is always in the leading position in the global market with the most reliable and round the clock technical support & service.

The people at LANYACHEM operate diligently to deliver excellent service to the customers while gaining from a symbiotic connection with the organization.

Taking advantage of the raw material cost and highly efficient management makes us sustainable, we deliver high-quality products at a low price for our customers, collectively with the comprehensive technical service. We have a state-of-the-art facility and advance manufacturing process, extensive and reliable transportation which makes our supply chain efficient. We believe that it enables our customers to deliver products with the best quality and at a competitive price.

Lanya has been committing to the pursuit of the harmonious development of people, enterprises, society and nature, and always adhere to the priority of health, safety and environmental protection. In order to reduce company's impact on the environment, we established integrated HSE management which covers both research and production, supply and sales. By continuous improvement of HSE management, our company will pay more attention to workers and staff, aiming for construction of employee pride, shareholder satisfaction, trust, social partners, making our company the international first-class chemical enterprise.


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