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Silicones Market Plastic, Rubber, Composites and Industrial Release


Silicones Market Plastic, Rubber, Composites and Industrial Release

admin 2023-09-14

LANYACHEM offers a range of products suitable in the formulation of ready to use release agent as well as processing aids (for pigment and filler treatment and polymer modification) in plastic, rubber and metal die casting. LANYACHEM also offers crosslinking agents for polyethylene for XLPE production.

Plastic, Rubber, Composites and Industrial Release
Silicones are commonly used to formulate release agent for Rubber, Plastic (thermoplastic and thermosetting) and Metal Die Casting.

Functional silicones find application as pigment and fillers dispersing aid in compound for plastic, and as polymer modifiers to improve physical and mechanical properties to plastic polymers.

Beside their release properties, Silicone Emulsion is also suitable to bring slip, gloss and silky feel finishing to rubber goods.

YAC-V171 (vinyltrimethoxysilane) works as a crosslinker for polyethylene, delivering better heat and weather resistance to polyethylene based wire and cable jacket, pipe and foam, in comparison to other crosslinkers.

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